System administrator, scripter, rower, cyclist, and cat herder? Cat herder you say? Try getting twelve people on a team going in the same direction!.

I’ve been involved in Systems administration longer than I want to admit. However, I have always been passionate about automation. Never mind what tool I was using (Bash, MS-DOS batch scripting, vbScript. PowerCLI or PowerShell – I’m sure I missed some) I was not content with clicking Next, Next, Finish. I wanted to do things quickly that was fully reproduceable (and logged). From rolling out identically configured systems (when fleets of servers were not even a dream), automating orchestration of Vmware clusters or controlled patching of most of the servers in an environment.

Interacting with GUIs (and worse – Azure blades) now causes an allergic reaction!

Love a challenge and don’t tell me I can’t do it!

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