Anthony Howell

I can start by saying that on a typical day I will write some PowerShell, though that’s likely not going to be unique in the stack of bio?s that you?ll be reading through. So lets talk about some other things.

I tried to graduate with a software engineering degree but hated post-secondary education so I ended up getting into IT. Little did I know that all that C++ would actually make me a very effective PowerShell scripter. Weirdly the best teacher I would have was an old school Unix/Linux admin. He was my first boss in a career IT job and his servers were all cli all the time, so if I wanted to progress to a server admin I had to apply the same methodology to Windows, which is when Google told me that I should learn PowerShell.

Here I am 9 years later trying to convince you that I would make a good presenter at the PowerShell Summit and I?ve honestly never been more excited for a career opportunity in my life! The PowerShell summit was the first conference that I was able to go to, and it wasn?t because I was able to convince my employer to pay, it was because I took my career into my own hands. It was the best money I?ve ever spent beside the time I bought Bitcoin many years ago, hehe.

Outside of IT, PowerShell, and any other endeavors that make me money, I spend my time with my family of mostly women (wife and 2 daughters), enjoying the wonderful climate on the best coast of the USA, and trying not to spend too much time staring at a monitor.

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