We’re back for the 6th iteration of DevOps Camp, and we’ve got an intense few days planned, at the world’s most in-depth, immersive and close-knit educational event dedicated to DevOps in the Microsoft space. Our coverage of topics ranges from Desired State Configuration, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, to real-world practical implementations of DevOps. What makes DevOps Camp unique? The intimacy and scope of the event. Only 20 participants are accepted each year, along with a handpicked panel of experts. PowerShell legend and former MVP Don Jones, and Microsoft Principal Program Manager Michael Greene are a few of the special guests we have in store for you. Our long weekend of deep discussions, real-world demonstrations, and practical advice, keep us driven and passionate year-round. With a private Slack channel, public content, and projects, not only do we keep our alumni coming back, but we get to help create change in our respective fields. Camp isn’t a conference, and its sessions aren’t recorded (someone asks every year), because there...