About Us

PowerShell.org is an activity of The DevOps Collective, Inc., a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit public?charity. We have no legal owners; by definition, we are owned by the US public. As a charity, it is a violation of US law for any individual or entity to gain a financial benefit (e.g., a “profit”) from the organization. Thus, we do not have shareholders or other owners.

Meet Our Event Staff
  • James Petty (JamesP@) is our CEO, in charge of daily operations, and Summit planning.
  • Missy Januszko and Warren Frame are our Directors of Summit Content (reach them via content@).
  • Mike Kanakos (MikeK@, Saturdays@) is our Director of Community Engagement, including our PowerShell Saturday Booster Programs.
  • Jeff Hicks is serving as chairman for IronScripter
  • Harjit Dhaliwal is heading up our social media team